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Banner And Large Format, Do You Need It?

HBDC Marketing can make your vision come to life. Our marketing firm works closely with our clients to help them execute their marketing strategies from start to finish. Recently HBDC Marketing teamed up with The San Antonio Earn-A-Bike Co-Op for their 2015 Annual Gala.

The San Antonio Earn-A-Bike Co-Op (EAB) is a volunteer driven initiative with a mission to create equitable access to cycling by providing affordable bicycle maintenance, services and education. EAB is one of the most innovative programs in the nation. It is a significant outreach effort to young individuals that fosters a healthy lifestyle. So when they asked us to help with their Gala, we decided to customize an Earn-A-Bike Co-Op bike to auction off to the highest bidder. This auction will raise funds for BScuela – The School for Bicycle Mechanics and Cycling Education.

The first thing we did was measure the bike and take photos so we could create a concept of where the logos and slogans would go. After taking photos and measuring the areas of interest, it was time to take the images into Photoshop to start mocking up what the bike would look like..

Once we received approval on the proposed artwork, it was time to bring it all to life. We chose a brushed-steel textured 3m vinyl that would compliment the matte black bike nicely. Using Illustrator and our Flexi software, we created the contour cuts that would be sent to our large format Roland printer to plot out the logos and other elements. Once the large format printer was finished plotting the vinyl (banner), we “weeded” or removed the excess vinyl (banner) that would not be applied to the bike. Next, we apply a low-tac transfer tape to the vinyl (banner) with a squeegee. This will allow us to remove the vinyl (banner) from the backing paper while keeping all the pieces in the same position. After the decals are transfer taped and positioned correctly, we slowly pull away the backing paper and apply the decals to the bike. Now that the decals have been applied, we simply remove the transfer tape to reveal a perfect vinyl (banner) decal as intended. Now we have a personalized one-of-a-kind EAB bike to auction off to the highest bidder.

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