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Business Cards & Brochures.

Our client, United Apartment Group, had a new lease-up property that is named The Gardens Apartment Homes. They were in need of marketing materials for their property such as business cardsbrochures, and new floor plans re-drawn. They provided us with a vector logo, a color scheme and a design plan for the buildings and leasing office.

The Gardens’ logo is very clean, with modern trees as the icon above their name. The color scheme for The Gardens is shades of green and neutral colors like gray and brown. Their logo and color scheme were the inspiration for the design of their marketing materials.

Since the logo is very clean and modern, we wanted to create a consistent design throughout the brochurebusiness cards and floor plans. So, we used a beautiful image of treetops with a wide range of greens. We then blurred the image to simplify and modernize the photo for the background of the brochure and business cards.

With so many shades of green in the image we thought it best to make the logo white so it will stand out on the cover. We also added a green, transparent box behind the logo to help draw the eye to logo and make the logo pop even more. We proceeded to carry the same style to the back of the brochure with a white map on the same green transparent box, a white logo, and white text for the address and phone number.

For the inside of the brochure, we wanted to break up the green with an accent color. We decided on a soft blue that compliments the green nicely and gives the brochure a very relaxing look and feel, making any potential resident feel at home. We also carried the image on the cover over to the inside, using it as the background box for the introduction paragraph and stock image. Using the same style as the font and back, we added a green transparent box behind the white text.

Since the property was very new, they did not have any photos at the time, so we used some nice stock images that compliment their amenities and color scheme. We re-drew their floor plans with a very clean, minimal look and added some colors to match their color scheme.

Their business cards were designed with the same cover as the brochure so they would be consistent with each other. The back of the business card has the same soft blue as the brochure and we added a bar of the treetop image at the bottom which contains their website. This helped carry over the design and color scheme to the back and break up the text and blue background with a pop of green.

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