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HBDC Marketing has a knack for bringing ideas to fruition, and when our friends at ACA Digital asked for our help, we came through. ACA Digital is a local internet marketing company that specializes in SEO. ACA Digital wanted an inspirational quote on one of their walls to jazz up the lounge area, and communicate who they are to their clients. When they asked if we could help, we graciously accepted the challenge.

First, we surveyed the wall to get measurements and test the substrate to ensure a quality install of the graphic. After we gathered our information, we decided to use a high grade 3M vinyl with air release technology. Since the wall was textured, we decided the air release would allow the vinyl to conform to the contours of the wall and eliminate air bubbles getting trapped between the wall and the graphic.

Next, we laminated the 3M vinyl and plotted out the quote using contour cuts created in our Flexi program. Once the large format printer makes the cuts we programed, we remove all the unwanted vinyl to expose the quote we will be applying. We then apply a low-tac transfer tape to the graphic so when we remove the backing paper, the graphicelements will stay in place as designed for application.

Finally, we centered the graphic into position and taped it in place. After we double checked the positioning, we slowly remove the backing paper and apply the vinyl down to the wall using firm strokes of a Teflon squeegee to make sure all the air is forced out. Now hat the vinyl has been transferred from the backing paper to the wall, we can slowly remove the transfer tape exposing the finished product.

ACA Digital was very happy with their new wall, and was impressed with the quality of he vinyl stating, “It looks like it was painted on the wall, I can’t believe it’s a decal.” We hope all of their clients enjoy the addition to the atmosphere at ACA Digital as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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